Distinctive D.O.L.L.S.

                        ABOUT US


We are a remarkably, dedicated group of professional women who love through sisterhood.  We believe in showing kindness and gentleness to all creation.  We are believers of treating others with gentleness, including our children, spouses, family, friends, and community.  Most of all, all members are respectful of one another.



Distinctive D.O.L.L.S. exists to provide a lifelong friendship experience for women. We

        • Promote friendship/sisterhood;

        • Value the lifelong connection that we have with one another;

        • Embody strong womanly character and challenge one another to be the                  best she can be;

        • Favor high ethical standards, value honesty, and integrity as a  way of                     day-to-day living.


 We, the D.O.L.L.S. of Houston,  will have a strong and vibrant future that will ensure a positive and enriching sisterhood experience for our members. 

We will

        • Be fiscally strong;    

        • Be organizational growth leaders;

        • Promote social skills of women to meet the demand of contemporary                     society;

        • Provide positive, productive, pleasurable activities for our community.  


We are recognized as one of Houston's Finest SP&C Organization by the City of Houston.


 Distinctive D.O.L.L.S. 2018:


 This year, we are honored to be hosting our 2nd Annual "Rally to Remember" Event in support of the Alzheimer's Association Charity Event (May 2018 --- POSTPONED to MAY 2019) ) with our Sisters Eternal WMC Family. Not to mention, we have committed to working with "Sisterhood for the Soul" Community Service Organization to better serve our community in areas of major concern. 



In continuing, we will hold the annual "Easter Basket" Project, where we collect Easter baskets for Texas Children's Hospital.



To add, we continue to support our mini DOLL Tayden [#TeamTayden] with our "Cancer Sucks" Movement.  Tayden is a bubbly and full of personality ten year old who was diagnosis with inoperable Brain Cancer at the age of five.  Her phenomenal spirit keeps the D.O.L.L.S. on our toes.  Therefore, everything we do this year and years to come, will be "For the Love of Tayden."  For, we will continuously be fighting this cancer battle with her.



Needless to say, our commitment and dedication to improving our community by way of community service efforts is an endless task.



As always, we ask that you continue to walk with us and support our endeavors as we take this journey into 2018.





Please click this link for more information. There is a $25 (Non-Refundable) Application Fee which may be paid through Paypal.

 DOLLS Intro Letter & Application.pdf    




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